Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

weird update

Okay, this is getting weirder. Remember how I said that I saw a wounded guy stumble past? Well, soon after, another injured guy came tromping directly through my yard! Assuming these two got into it, I tried calling 911 to report it and hopefully keep them from killing each other and get an ambulance over here ASAP (the second guy looked really bad, like ear-falling-off bad. Yes, eww.)

Seems that the local 911 circuits are overloaded: I got a busy signal, not even a recorded message. When's the last time you heard a busy signal? So I turn on my radio (NPR lunch show), but it's just dead air.

Did I miss something?

EDIT: Update: 96.5 is still running as usual. Music and commercials suggest all is well. Anyone else have an answer to what's happening?

Tags: zombies

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