Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

holy crap!

okay, lots of stuf has happened since my last post don't want to spend a lot of tiem typing so i'll be quick, leaving computer on, though, to try to figure out what's happening. glad the intarwebs are stiilsl worlking.

So I just lost one of my front windows. Call me paranoid, but i'm thinkking it's time to get my shotgun and load 'er up.

here's what happened: This woman stumbles into my yard(starting to sense a pattern?), but hthis one walks staright up to my window where i'm sitting and starts banging on the glass. I know what you're thinking: Drug party down the street, and she's the latest one to leave the party. You're also thinking she's the one who broke the window.

Well, sort of: She looked pretty beat up and here eyes were closed. She looked really sick, too, like herpes all over her face. Yes, eeew. But she was too weak to break the glass. Who broke it, you ask?

The fucking cops! Seirously! A cop car came blasting down the street, lights flashing and siren blaring, and the cop slams on his brakes, stops out front, and shoots her like 15 times in the back! Holy crap! She sort of falls against the glass and breakse it, then falls on teh ground outside.

Then - get this - he just leaves. That's right, shoots a chick a million times and then just drives off. With the window now open, I can hear all kinds of shooting all over town. STill no NPR radio.

edit: I'm back. Got the 12-gauage and loaded it up. The box of shells is on the table between the laptop and the mouse. Friends, I suggest you do the same. The world has taken a sideways turn.

Tags: zombies

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