Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

feeling much better now

I can't really remember much after about 3pm yesterday. In fact, what I remember from yesterday is confusing and unlikely. What I do recall most clearly is seeing tatsuko_shikibu standing over me on the cool tiles of the living room floor, shaking a baggie of some kind of dust. When I opened my eyes, she scampered away, but now she appears to have settled down and is grooming herself on the rug.

My finger still hurts like hell and looks to have a nasty infection. Did a person really bite me? Hm. My front window is broken, and I seem to be responsible for nailing plywood over my windowframes.

Okay, time to lay off the adrenaline-packed movies late at night.

Because what I seemed to remember was a bit upsetting, I headed out to celebrate gmskarka's birthday tonight at 23rd St. Brewery, then music at the Jackpot. I left early on account of being tired (sorry, Spooklights!) and thought I'd check LJ before going to sleep. I figure I'll clear out the boards over the windows tomorrow.

I hope y'all're well.

Tags: zombies

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