Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

computing tip: stop the monitor flicker

This is something that I've realized only about 1% of people fix when they set up their Windows computers. Reading verminiusrex's LJ about his aching eyes, I was prompted to write this tip. Works for all Windows computers, though the actual tab names and such might vary over versions.

Right-click your desktop, then select Properties. Click the Settings tab. On that tab, click the Advanced button. On the new popup menu, click the Monitor tab. On that tab, click the Refresh Rate menu, and then select the highest number you see, which should be 85 Hertz.

The human eye can perceive 60 Hertz, which means that whether you actually see it or not, that flicker is penetrating to your brain. Causes headaches. This will help.

Signing out,

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