Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Hot. Did I mention that it's hot outside?

Yeah, as in 107° with heat index right now. After hauling about 150 bricks. Assuming I can get rid of some of my excessive body heat, I'm about to go back outside, unload said bricks, and then go get another load of about equal size, then unload that, too! Why? Because I'm crazy!

Also because they're free. I plan to install a brick sidewalk in the back yard, and with these I might just have enough. Of course, if I were to actually try to start digging the path and laying those bricks in this weather, I would die of heat exhaustion.

EDIT: Whew, finished the second load, showered in COLD water, and am feeling moderately more human.

Also, I just learned that today's heat index in Lawrence reached 112°. Holy fried-Kansans, Batman! And this lovely weather is scheduled to continue through Wednesday.

Tags: house

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