Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Bush Administration Declares War on Mountains and the People Who Live There

Sure, we all knew that the Bushites value corporate profit - especially Big Fuels - over human life, but this is disgusting. Iraqi life worth less than money in the pockets of Bush's cronies? Sure, they can think that way because Iraqis don't vote for US officials. But throwing away Americans to make the coal companies richer, faster?

Are they politically suicidal, stupid, or just really damned short-sighted... and expect the voters to be, too?

I'm not opposed to capitalizm; heck, it's been nice to me at times. But to make people rich, someone has to pay. To keep making the stock market earn huge returns, everyone has to pay, eventually. It just don't work long-term.

Tags: politics

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