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Chris McKitterick

2007 KCRF Highland Games

Here's a little slideshow from the Kansas City RenFest 2007, during their Scottish weekend. They have a mini-Highland Games, and I decided to participate in three events. Thanks to jamer_31 for the photos.

First event was the Caber Toss. This photo is from the second round, when I was lifting the 16-foot (or was it 18-foot?) caber after the first, shorter-caber, toss. I made this throw, too - which got me second place, as the winner had better form. But w00t! Second on my first event!

The next event was the Rock Carry. That's literally the event's name. Ah, the Scots. The rock is about 150 pounds and, as you can see, rather large and awkward to pick up and carry. Anyhow, I was thinking at this point, "Whew, almost done, and in decent time, too." But it turns out you're supposed to keep going for two minutes to see how many laps you get, not just do one under two minutes. I guess I should've caught on that that would be too simple....

Okay, here's me right after I picked it up a second time (rather, 2-1/2th time, because it slipped out of my hands as I was first lifting it. Slippery thing. Damn, but does it get heavier with each lift.). It was starting to get really heavy. I did one more lap and said, "I'm done." After dropping it, hearing that I wasn't done yet, and picking it up again, I knew I couldn't win - too much lost time - but I had to do at least one more lap just for good measure. Here's me starting that second lap, kinda laughing maniacally at myself:

The final event was the Rock Throw. This is my second throw, because someone after me threw further and you get to go twice in such a case. Look, I almost matched the winner (that's the vertical knife by the yellow flag)! I hadn't realized that contestants are allowed to leap over that log when throwing as long as the stone is out of your hand by then. Perhaps I could have gotten just that little bit extra oomph and won if I had. Well, we shall see for next year! Here's a new one from sf_reader:

Much fun! So now I have an exercise goal for the year: Lift railroad ties in the back yard, but perhaps not toss them, as I don't want to have to fill giant holes. Lift huge rocks and carry them around. Throw pretty-huge rocks. Perhaps a granite quarry is in my future. Do we have those in Kansas?

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