Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

book review: Jack McDevitt's Omega

Book recommendation:

Omega by Jack McDevitt

I love McDevitt's work and have ever since The Engines of God. Omega is the latest in a series of novels that follow our heroine, Priscilla Hutchins, following (in order) The Engines of God, Deepsix, and Chindi. In this book, the adventure is a new one and the stakes keep rising -- we finally get to see the horrific omega clouds in action, and see intelligence battling the untimate form of anti-intelligence, or anti-life.

McDevitt's characters are some of the most human you'll find, and his books always feel like they should be next year's Hollywood blockbusters. The fact that they aren't only goes to show that Hollywood just doesn't get SF. These are wonderful books and I highly recommend you read 'em all, start to finish!

Tags: reading, science fiction

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