Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

writing stuff

Just sent off a story to the "Mundane SF" issue of INTERZONE an hour and a half under the midnight deadline. No, really! I think it would be cool to be published in that mag, plus the story fits the theories of Mundane SF. It'll be interesting to see what they think. So off it goes!

Now to send another one to Eric for one of his new anthologies. EDIT: Done! Golly, I now have two stories out looking for homes.

Tomorrow I begin the NaNoWriMo (here's my userid in case you want to "buddy" me) thing for the first time. I was inspired to jump in due to a request for a local NaNoWriMo buddy by a grad student in the Department. Wish me luck with all this.

Tags: writing

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