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CSSF open house to celebrate new office

Hi folks -

If you're local or plan to be in Lawrence tomorrow (Thursday), November 29, come on over to the Center for the Study of Science Fiction's open house! We'll have snacks, beverages, and of course tons of books, magazines, and other SF research resources starting at noon and running through 5:00pm.




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Nov. 29th, 2007 12:14 pm (UTC)
Hey Chris,

I wish I could be in Lawrence for your open house. I'd really like to visit you guys. I'll have to do it sometime. I live outside St. Louis, so the drive isn't that far. My best friend graduated from there, but it's been a years since I've visited.

I passed on the links to the Center, and its sister site to one of the high school English teachers at my kid's high school. He's a writer, and uses SF in his teaching. I also asked him to pass to info along to another teacher that does creative writing.

When I was a teenager, I was a huge Tolkien fan. He resurrected my love of reading. I read some, but not a lot of SF. When I hit college (N.C. State), I wanted to take the Fantasy course offered by one of the profs. However, he rotated it with an SF course, and I ended up taking that instead. Boom. It was huge for me, so what you guys are doing is very close to my heart. If I ever leave the computer industry, I've considered going back into teaching (I taught computer science part-time for six years at a community college back in the 90's). I'd love to teach SF. We'll see. Anyway, you guys keep the great stuff going!

Just curious, did you add the link to Ray Gun Revival to the Center?

If not, here's the URL: http://www.raygunrevival.com



Dec. 2nd, 2007 06:52 pm (UTC)
Awesome, I hope they find the sites useful. And thanks for the kind words!

Yes, I keep meaning to add that, but whenever I'm at home thinking about it, I can't access the secure FTP, and when I'm at the office there are a thousand other tasks. I'll do it ASAP!
Nov. 29th, 2007 12:26 pm (UTC)
I wish I could. If I didn't have to go to work today, and if I had someone to take the kids, and if gas didn't cost so much....

Ah, life in the subjunctive.

Will you be at the Campbell Conference?
Dec. 2nd, 2007 06:53 pm (UTC)

Yup, I'm always at the Conference! Have to organize and manage things!
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