Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

thanks for voting!

Thanks to everyone for voting in the "Astro-image of the day" poll from yesterday. Results are 24:5 for not putting the images behind an LJ-cut, so they'll remain visible as they've been so far. Also, a slight majority preferred bigger versions of the images. However, because some people's LJs cannot support image widths over 500 pixels and in defernce to the five who would rather not see these images in their LJ friends list, I'll not be upping the image size to 600, instead leaving them at 500 with links as before to the original page(s) that usually contain much larger versions if people choose to view those.

So, after all that, I'll not be changing my AIotD posts at all! Hm. There you go: Sometimes a poll just verifies that you're doing the right thing.

Thanks again!
Tags: polls

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