Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

new hammie!

I forgot to mention that I just adopted a new hamster!

She was a mommy about two months ago, bearing nine (!) pups... which is why her previous parents gave her away. Such lovely markings, and so sweet! Who knew that there were tri-color hammies, too?

At just five months old, she's already bigger than Chloe ever was. Plus she's quite muscular but gentle, even when she misses a piece of food and gets a big of finger, instead. Silly thing made her nest in the UFO wheel of the cage and totally ignores the nice nest-area that Chloe used to use. To each hammie her own, I guess.

Yay hamster!

EDIT: Here's another shot of her with my hand for size reference:

Tags: pets

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