Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

writing update

Tonight I was inspired by Carl Sagan's Cosmos DVD set that I bought for myself on a pre-Christmas binge (thank you, Borders 40% off coupon!). After watching the first two episodes, I was thrown into a fit of processing the YA science fiction series I plan to write next. Some 2500 words later (in addition to about 3000 previous words), I now have a really solid background for the galactic civilization, three different alien species, and two governmental organizations in addition to gaining a firmer understanding of our young half-human heroes and their parents. I also settled the big-story conflicts in addition to the personal conflicts, and I'm rounding out the first book's plot as well as the larger story arc.

I'm so excited to get started! But must reach critical mass first. Here's hoping I get there soon. This is just the sort of thing I wanted to read as a young'un. I don't plan to write down to young readers, so I expect that the themes and story will appeal to grown-ups, as well.

If you haven't watched Cosmos or haven't seen it since when it aired on PBS during the late 1970s and early 1980s, do yourself a favor and watch it!

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