Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Cost of war in Iraq

Link snarfed from c3fyn's LJ. This is simply astounding. And for what? To help a few corporate cronies get rich? To ensure an oil supply after the Saudis fall to internal revolution and we lose our number-one oil supplier ally?

It's a sin, it's evil, it's wrong. Take a look:

Let's see... if it costs about $2000 per second, that's $120,000 per minute, $7,200,000 per hour, and $172,800,000 per day. That's about a dollar from each adult living in the USA per day.

So, answer me this: Is the entertainment of watching your fellow Americans, military friends and relatives, Iraqi collatorals, "coalition of the willing" soldiers, and foreign "evil-doers" die every day worth the $365/year subscription? Oh, wait, if you're married that's nearly 800 bucks a year for the show. For each and every American household.


(Sorry about upping your blood pressure, but I had to share.)


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