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SFRA Conference call for presenters

Hello, SF scholars, teachers, and fans -

Below is a note from Karen Hellekson, requesting y'all to get in your abstracts for this summer's Campbell Conference / SFRA Conference happening here in Lawrence, Kansas, July 10-13. Want to build up that resume by giving a professional presentation on SF?
Well, here's how:
Get those abstracts in for the SFRA meeting! I won't repost the complete call for papers here (AGAIN) but today is the close date. I see I have a bunch in my inbox to address--ya'll will be hearing from me soon.

Meanwhile, people are asking how firm the deadline is. We're more interested in getting a wonderful cross section of people than wagging our admonishing deadline finger--if you need more time, e-mail me and tell me what you have in mind so I can plan accordingly.

Several people aren't yet sure they can make it and have thus resisted sending in a proposal. My general advice has been, go ahead and propose a paper if you are more than 60% sure you can make it. Then let me know if you have to withdraw it. It's easier to drop a paper from a panel than it is to add one. (And you're more likely to prioritize coming if your abstract has been accepted!) I anticipate that we'll have to do some last-minute scrambling. We'll accommodate what we can--just keep us in the loop and let us know what you're thinking and what your travel plans end up being, and I'm sure everything will turn out beautifully.

People presenting at the conference should be registered. Registration and hotel info are available here.

Registration forms are here (note it's a .pdf - print and mail; no online or PayPal registration is available).

Prices go up after April 30. I also encourage SFRA folks to consider attending the Campbell Conference, and vice versa.

To propose a paper, start a new e-mail to me at


Karen Hellekson, PhD, ELS
For the SFRA 2008 Program Committee
karenhellekson <at>karenhellekson <dot> com


I'll make another post soon with more info about the Campbell Conference; in short, we're running a special "Teaching Science Fiction" program in conjunction with SFRA. Hope to see you this summer!

Tags: cssf, science fiction

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