Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

massive storm batters Lawrence, KS, last night

So I was out with some friends last night in the outdoor smoking area behind Harbour Lights when one of those violent spring storms hit Lawrence. Holy crap, but did it look and feel exactly like one of those hurricane videos we get from Florida et al each year, only without the brave, rain-suit-clad reporter stepping into the winds.

Winds struck suddenly a little after 1:00am, picking up and hurling tree branches, carboard boxes, and everything else not nailed down through the alley behind the bar. Lightning lit up the sky like a thousand strobe-lights, accompanied by a soundtrack fit for a war movie. The wooden fence around the back shook like leaves of grass. Hail machine-gunned the corrugated-steel roof along with monsoon rains that blew sideways, and the roof fluttered as if it were going to blow off. The staff rushed us inside, stating that we were under a tornado threat. On the TV screens inside, the weatherman was pointing out something that he thought was a tornado while saying something I couldn't quite make out over the din of excited drunks and thunder about "over the KU campus."

Click the image to see the Lawrence Journal-World article.

No damage to my house, though lots of little branches are strewn across the yard, and little ponds have appeared where once there was grass. I'm very pleased to have built a sturdy carport, and I would like to think that my recent efforts to remove branches from the power lines out back saved said lines last night.

Weather porn!

Tags: weather-porn

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