Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

teh intarwebs - they make the world small

...and the past closer.

I just got an email from my second college room-mate at my second undergraduate college, my first in Eau Claire, Wisconsin: David Egan. That was... OMG, more than half my life ago. Two complete marriages ago. Ooof.

Proof that we were friends a long time ago is that he reminded me of some of our adventures that I'd completely forgotten. It's nice to be reminded of such things, so one's stories don't grow stale *g* Next time we're out for beers, dear reader, ask me about Acid Andy. (No, I won't disclose it here.)

The years, they keep dissolving behind us. But the people we knew, they're still around, and their lives have followed their own trajectories completely apart from ours.

Tags: life

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