Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick
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I filled up my Aprilia scooter a couple of days ago. This little motorcycle gets around 70 miles per gallon, sweet in an era of $4/gallon gasoline. Its fuel tank holds an appropriate amount of gasoline for its size. Usually costs about $5 to fill it up every few months because of the aforementioned great-gas-mileage and because I mostly walk to the office. I don't usually run it down to reserve, though this time I did (forgot to reset the odometer last time).

Filling up my tiny gas tank cost just over $10. I know you SUV drivers out there are laughing with bitterness and considering murder, but this really brought home to me the rise in gas prices. Wow, it cost twice as much as usual.

Can't wait to fill up the Newport for the first time. *g* Thankfully, I don't expect to drive it much. *g*

Tags: vehicles

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