Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

so... tired...

Okay, the whole "teach all day for three weeks so I'll be free to do the Workshop, Insitute, and other programs for the rest of the summer" thing seemed like a good idea at the time. However: So. Tired.

I scheduled the summer's intensive Advanced Tech Comm program before the Department was given notice that we'd have to pack up and move our offices during what was to be when I'd scheduled the classes. Plus the Campbell Conference and residential Center for the Study of SF summer program requires quite a lot of planning right now. All the related websites need regular updating with news. I'm also reading some 100,000 words of fiction for the CSSF Writing Workshop. And personal stuff is weighing pretty heavily right now. Oh, don't forget that tremendous, nightly thunderstorms and tornado warnings do wonders for one's sleep.


Anyhow, it'll all be over in about two months, when I get a one-week break between grading final papers and the start of the Fall semester.


EDIT: Rumors of my getting to bed early tonight were greatly exaggerated. Just got home (10:20pm) from finishing the office move. Now I'm not only tired but sweaty and irritable, too.

Where's my lemony alcoholic goodess? We wants our lemony alcholic goodness, my precious, we wants it!
Tags: life

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