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In fact, I'm doing great: This month each year is simultaneously the most satisfying, fatiguing, energetic, inspiring, frustrating, and motivational 8.3% of my year, but golly gee, is it tiring.

The Workshops were fantastic, with a full roster for both the novel and short sections, and we had a couple of writing-retreat folks, too. Not only that, the social dynamic was great across the board. That was two weeks of intensive immersion into writing, talking about writing, thinking about it, and so forth. All day, every day. I even wrote a few thousand words during that time, though it meant sacrificing some sleep to do so.

The Campbell Conference / SFRA Conference was fantastic, though even more utterly fatiguing. So many great guests, so many wonderful presentations... I wish I could have attended *g* I don't think I sat down for more than 10 minutes all weekend. The best part is that people reported on how well-run and well-organized it was (they must not have noticed that we were putting out fires every few minutes just before they became a danger).

The SF Institute started on Monday, and that's going great, too: huge class with great participation... so much so that we're getting together every evening shortly after class lets out for dinner and discussion until midnight. Each day, I'm writing more notes about upcoming writing projects, new CSSF programs and updates to current ones, and notes about revising my novels. So inspirational! So full of energy!

So tired! I wish I didn't have to sleep, though fatigue is really beginning to set in, and I have to be all full of beans for this Sunday, when I fly out to Pittsburgh to teach at Alpha Young SF Writers workshop. And somewhere in there I need to finish my evaluations of the Return to Luna fiction contest entries.

Next week, I begin writing and revising stuff in earnest. First up: well... that's a lie. I have a few priority-zero projects: Working on Jim's novel (yes, Jim Gunn asked me to collaborate with him on a novel!), revising my two good novels and submitting to an agent, getting more stories out into circulation, starting the YA-SF novel, starting the mainstream novel, writing the next Jupiter novelette... yeah, it'll be a busy year. Oh, and then school starts.

With that, I'm off to bed.

Tags: cssf, life, writing

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