Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

"Slacker Uprising" free showing at Lawrence public library

Just got this notice. Looks cool:

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 24th - 7pm
Film Screening of Michael Moore's new movie "Slacker Uprising."
Presented by The Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice.

Location: Lawrence Public Library. Free admission.

"Slacker Uprising" traces Michael Moore's 62-city tour of the swing states during the 2004 Presidential election and records the thrilling - and frightening - response he received across the country.

Part concert tour, part stand-up comedy performance, and part rock concert, "Slacker Uprising" is an uplifting and patriotic look at the birth of a new political generation in America - a generation of young people who would signal the era of "Obamania" that would take place just four years later. Watch the trailer and read more.

Tags: random cool stuff

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