Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

What do we need? Health-care reform! When do we need it? Soon!

This article dispels the five big myths about US health-care system. Here's a sobering thought:

"The average family of four is coughing up $29,000 a year for health care through taxes, lower wages, and out-of-pocket medical expenses."

I personally know several people who probably spend that much, all told, per person.

I wonder what it means that Hillary Clinton is soon to be announced as his nominee for Secretary of State rather than, say, Health & Human Services. (By the way, didn't I call this even before she dropped out of the race?) Does Obama not want her making as big of health reforms as she would likely push? Or does it mean he respects her opinions in all areas enough to give her what is perhaps the top spot in his cabinet?

With Obama soon to start working from the Oval Office, let's make sure he delivers on his promise to reform health care. We can't afford to maintain the status-quo of the "world's best" (Myth #1, by the way) health-care system.

Tags: politics

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