Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Do you do this, too?

When I'm sick (particularly, feverish), I get very emotional. A simple act of kindness often gets me crying.

Anyone else like that? Or is this just a sign of sentimentality? My grandfather McKitterick was a famous sentimentalist, whom I remember with great fondness when he weeped as he sang. Particularly when he sang, "How Great Thou Art." (Can you guess what just happened to me when I wrote that? And re-reading it? Yup.)

Oh, and yes, I'm sick today. I'm scheduled to judge a grad-student research competition for a few hours this afternoon, which I was looking forward to, but now I just want to go back to bed. Not that I can sleep. And it's not like I can just get someone else to do it. Harumph. I should eat (forgot that so far) and have vities and maybe Emergen-C.

EDIT: Oh, good. Now I'm getting chills. I really do need to eat. And screening so you won't be ashamed. I kinda feel that way. Maybe I'll F-L this...

Tags: life

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