Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Astro-Image of the Day: Comet Lulin Loses One of Its "Tails"

Here's a photo of the comet, taken last night by amateur astronomer John Nassr from his private observatory in the Philippines:

Click the image to see the story and more amateur photos.

Note how different it looks from its double-tailed version per yesterday's post. It's still green, though, and still blowing 800 gallons of water per second into space. also offers a fantastic map for tracking the comet. Here's a tiny-fied version:

Click the image to see a much-larger version of this map.

Sickness crushed my hopes to view it last night - I slept for nearly 12 hours - but tonight I shall endure! Feeling a lot better today, anyhow, so if class doesn't absolutely destroy me, I'll be out with my telescope and astro-camera late tonight. Hope y'all can, too!

Tags: astronomy

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