Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Did I miss something...

...or does one really have to pretty much disassemble the frame of a vintage BMW motorcycle in order to remove a dead battery? Because that's what I just had to do. Took more than an hour and got a bit harrowing. For example, two large bolts protrude within the frame so much that they completely block the battery from being moved. Okay, so let's remove them. Except that they hold the two major sections of the frame together, front to rear. When your bike starts to collapse upon itself a little, you notice your pulse-rate more than usual.

This is not to mention that one has to unfasten the battery tray to allow the battery to tip backwards (so it can slide up), remove a variety of brackets in order to unfasten the battery tray, remove the side panels so that one can access the bolts that hold the tray, and remove half the wiring harness so that one can slide the battery out. Oh, and to actually extract the battery from between the frame rails, one must use a pry bar, because the battery is physically wider than the space through which it must pass. Now I think I have a better image of childbirth.

Seriously? This is the famed German engineering which has won BMW so much acclaim? Hmph. Well, at least the battery is out and charging, on the off chance that it's still functional despite only showing 6.72 volts. However, even if it does hold a charge, I'm not sure I will re-install it, because I don't want to try to reverse the process, nor deal with this again in a few years. Time for a smaller yet more-powerful, modern battery.

Tags: bmw r100s, vehicles

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