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The Pet Connection needs help

Just got this and thought I'd share. They do good work:

Since the 1st of the year, several small vet clinics, rescue groups, and animal control facilities have been able to transfer their difficult, long term, or at risk animals to our facilities. We are assisting Olathe Animal Control and KCK Animal Control primarily. Both have been able to maintain lower euthanasia statistics. I think that my facility can handle more dogs then we have in the past. First of all, I have a superior dog handler. However, we need more volunteer dog handlers. People who really want to help exercise, stimulate, and train the dogs in our program. The number of dogs that I have been taking in has finally caught up to me. That one snowy weekend had a drastic effect on our adoptions. We are going to have an additional 20 dogs in our program for the next few days then we usually have, send me people and show me that we can take care of this many. We need additional assistance with walking dogs, keeping areas clean and stimulating, and helping in the dog room. We would even welcome some short term foster care homes (3-5 days) for any of our occupants to downsize our numbers to be more manageable for the next few days or day trips for some of the dogs to help. Please remember to send potential adopters to our facility so that we can continue to manage larger numbers of dogs. I have a large variety right now. We even have kittens and small breed puppies.

We are also trying to upsize the cat program. We have an additional 32 cats in our cat program right now. We want to be able to exercise, socialize, and keep each area neat, tidy, clean. We introduce new cats into the program slowly so during those transition time cats need more supervised time and that requires more experienced cat people to come help. Kittens are messier and require more monitoring for cleanliness.

We need housekeepers, neat freaks to come and pay attention to areas such as our lobby, bathroom, laundry areas, floors, dusting, plants, wiping counter tops, windows etc.

Administrative Assistance: My office staff needs help keeping up on filing, phone calls, and a variety of office related tasks. They are overwhelmed so the right person would need to spend several days training and finding their niche. We have some challenges with office space for everyone to work.

We usually require a volunteer orientation. Please let STAFF know that you have not yet attended orientation so that you can be referred to myself or Jason. We need to do what needs to be done to make sure that our next few days are padded so that EXCELLENT care can be provided to the animals. If the regular minimal requirements for each animal cannot be met, I will know that we will be unable to continue taking in this many.

Your assistance will allow one of the adoption coordinators to make sure that potential adopters are contacted immediately about potential family matches within our facilities.

I am on schedule to almost double my intake for next year. I can't imagine that this isn't a service that this community needs and is worthy of everyones attention for a few days.

Last of all, we have not received all the necessary funds for the last rescue. We are short about $400. Any additional financial assistance during this time will allow us to afford additional staff if volunteers do not step up to assist us with the extra responsibility.

Let's work together to make Kansas City a no-kill city. Please find a way to help us during this time. We have commitments that must be honored.

The Pet Connection
5918 Broadmoor
Mission, KS 66202
Jason Huff

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