Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

"Don't Be Evil" - FAIL

Just in case you haven't been following the Google Books Rights Grab (aka, "Google Books settlement"), Google has been pirating everyone's books and posting them to the internet for full-text search. Unless the author or publisher complains, people can also read the full text of books. And Google plans to publish these stolen works in other ways, too. Rainbows End, anyone?

No, seriously. If this doesn't infuriate you, you're not someone who creates stuff for a living - or for love - because this is, in essence, a giant corporation just off-handedly stealing copyrighted work and re-publishing it without consent. And the Author's Guild (representing a tiny fraction of all authors) is Google's little buddy in all this.

Here's where you go to opt out or in. That wasn't a typo: Every author needs to opt in to the settlement Google is offering for stealing your work... or opt out, also known as saying, "Don't steal my work." But be aware that opting out means you're not protected by the court ruling, either, and will need to police Google all on your own.

Run a Google search to learn more... though the top hits all point to Google's site. Hm, odd.... Or read the saga from Jay Lake's pov: His most recent LJ post, the original Jay post, and the latest update on WIRED.

Oh, sure, you can complain about it and even get a $60 "We're sorry that you don't want us to steal your work" payment from them, but... um, what?

Remember Google's founding credo? Don't be evil.


Tags: decline of civilization

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