Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Kansas needs more rain.

Wait, what did I just type? I meant to say, "GEEZUS, STOP WITH ALL THE RAIN ALREADY!"

Context: I just used the 5-gallon pail to scoop water out of my 40-gallon rain barrel - which collects runoff from 1/2 of my garage roof - 9 times, and it's almost ready for another scooping-out. Do the math.

Oh, and the rain just started about an hour ago.

Anyone having a drought out there? Because this water's coming from somewhere!


UPDATE: Half an hour later, I checked on the rain-barrel, just out of curiosity. You guess it: Almost full again, and I had to dump 6 more buckets. Where does all this water go? And why can't we save it for the drought months? This is fascinating.

PS: Thunder and lightning, too, but no hail or tornadoes as we got on Saturday.
Tags: weather-porn

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