Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

"The Future Isn't What it Used to Be"

Come see my co-teacher Phil Baringer's upcoming talk:

Monday, May 4, 4:00 pm
Room 2074 Malott Hall
University of Kansas
(Coffee & Cookies before at 3:30 pm in Room# 1089 Malott Hall)

Speaker: Dr. Phil Baringer (University of Kansas)
Title: "The Future Isn't What it Used to Be"

Abstract: We take a look at science-fictional views of the future and how they have changed over the past century or so. We'll look at classic themes of space colonization, robots and cloning, take a glance at the cyberpunk movement of the 80's, and explore current ideas involving a near-future technological singularity and the obsolescence of humanity. Warnings will also be issued to would-be predictors of the future.

Tags: ku, science fiction

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