Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

The Singularity Is Near (like, just two lines below...)

What is the Singularity, you ask? This is a great interpretation:

Also: There's lots to learn about the human species at 2am on Stop Day Eve (school's out!). We were approached by: 1) a herd of drunks chanting together, 2) a staggering girl who had difficulty expressing that she wanted a light, 3) a young fella wearing a mandolin and a banjo who played Leonard Cohen and Beatles and Dylan for a solid 30 minutes accompanied by harmonica, and 4) a thousand young'uns dressed in their finest, slightly askew, and inappropriate shoes.

Humid outside. The Moon is about full. Only five days until the big presentation re: keeping my job. The finger is almost fully healed, so I've been able to do my pull-ups and push-ups without much pain, though typing is still achey. Got to meet a fellow author from Ruins Extraterrestrial, along with our edior.

Hope you're doing well. Live long and transhuminate.

Tags: random cool stuff, science fiction

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