Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

GM: looking up or moving out?

Michael Moore on what to do with GM now that we own it. He has some good points; for example: What best to do with all those idling car factories and unemployed workers? Make sure the people have jobs by building the alt-energy equipment America needs.

Click the image to see the story.

Mind you, I love personal vehicles and think Moore is stretching it a bit leaning toward all mass-transport, but he puts his finger on the problem with modern industry: In an effort to increase short-term profits, manufacturers are moving all their jobs offshore, thereby sinking their company in the long-term. If our country doesn't have good jobs for all kinds of people, soon our country will be where jobs are outsourced because of low wages. And Americans will be too poor to afford the products we manufacture.

What do you think? Will the Obama administration use this opportunity to transform GM into a jobs-and-eco-equipment manufacturer, or will they let GM continue to bumble along as a car manufacturer that continues to outsource jobs to save money until it's no longer really an American manufacturer?

Tags: decline of civilization

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