Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Campbell Conference special guests firming up!

...and I don't just mean that they're getting into shape ;-)

Right now, we have a nearly final list of guest authors and editors who'll be attending this year's Campbell Conference and Awards Ceremony in Lawrence, Kansas, from July 10-12. That's just two weeks, folks!

If you've been having trouble deciding if you can make it this year, just remember that it's only $30 for the full weekend (and only $25 for the Awards Banquet), and you'll get a chance to meet these folks and have them sign your books (which will also be available at the Oread Book Store during the signing):

Robin Wayne Bailey
Cory Doctorow
James Alan Gardner
Jude-Marie Green
James Gunn
Kij Johnson
Ian R. MacLeod
Chris McKitterick
Eric T. Reynolds
Lane Robins
And this year's Campbell and Sturgeon Award winners - to be announced very soon!

So don't miss a great opportunity to hang with these authors and editors - and attending scholars and fans - for the weekend! The Campbell Conference is a special event, something I've been part of since 1992, because of its unusual intimacy: You get to spend one-on-one time with a lot of interesting people and professionals in the field, whereas at most conventions, there are many others vying for time with the special guests.

Haven't registered yet? Do it now!

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