Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

accident: update and next steps?

Hi folks -

Cabin fever is starting to get the best of me at last. Can't drive my two-wheelers, can't even drive my Crossfire (stick-shift). Walking any distance is painful. Argh. And to top it off, even my new wireless internet isn't reliable, so I'm feeling trapped, sore, bored, unproductive, and lonely.

Physical updates: The shoulder is improving, in that I can now move it (with my other arm) without wincing when doing so. The knee road-rash is mostly staying not-infected, as is the elbow. Both areas show impressive bruises, and the shoulder injury has a freakish swelling right at the A.C. joint. I can now make a fist with my left hand. I can also blow my nose (finally!) without feeling like I'm getting stabbed in the ribs. Discovered that pretty much every joint aches, including neck and back. I even have sore toes, it turns out.

Damage: The Aprilia is pretty much damaged on every surface, and the handlebar is done. I must have hit my head a little, because the plastic top separated from the foam underside. My nice wool coat is full of holes and stuff - I'm thinking of patching it and wearing it as a badge of something or other.

Costs: I had minimal insurance on the Aprilia, because I didn't plan to wreck it, insurance is expensive, and the only reason I'd get hurt would be due to someone else - so their insurance would pay for damages, right? Well, ain't that funny. My vehicle insurance will pay $1000 of my medical, after which my health insurance should pick, but no repairs or such. Kansas is a "no-fault" state, so I guess my insurance company will have to duel with the other driver's... or I have to sue to recover out-of-pocket expenses.

Advice: Do I need to get a lawyer to make sure I don't have to pay anything out-of-pocket on this? I've already had to do co-pay on meds, and I expect I'll get a bill from Lawrence Hospital emergency room and x-ray folks, plus the doctors, specialists, and physical therapists to come. What do I do next?

I know one thing I won't be doing anytime soon: Riding on two wheels. Not that I don't want to, but that requires two functional arms. Hmph. :-/

Tags: accident, life

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