Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Dragon Naturally Speaking v.10

To those of you who use and like this software: How many hours does it take to make it even partially useful? Right now, I'm experiencing these issues:

  • It mis-recognizes MOST words I speak.

  • It takes several seconds for the text to appear after I speak (too little memory or processor on my laptop?).

  • It refuses to recognize swear-words, even after training.

  • Heck, it seems incapable of learning ANY word I try to teach it, no matter how many times I type and read it in the "learn word" feature.

This experience is worse than the one I had with Word 2000 when it first came out with that voice-recognition feature. I have the uneasy feeling that I'll have to spend hundreds of hours teaching this damned software... rather than writing.

Your experience? Is it just my way of speaking that's the issue? Am I forever screwed?


PS: I might have a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking v.10 for sale, cheap! Only $45. I'm told that it's AWESOME software.

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