Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

accident update

Just got back from my last physical therapy session at OrthoKansas for the shoulder (for this phase of therapy, anyhow). I've met my physical therapist's goals. Woohoo! From here on out, I continue therapy on my own unless I run into snags.

Strangely, it's not discouraging that the injured shoulder is only about half as strong as the other one, because that means it's capable of doing stuff half as well as my dominant side - and about a billion times better than it was just a few weeks ago. So even though I'm only lifting a little 3-pound weight in the "I-T-Y" pattern 30 times each, a little 8-pound weight for the other lifts, and doing what she called "girl push-ups" (her words), it means that I can do those things. In another two months, I can resume pull-ups, even go rock-climbing again. Right now, I should be able to do everything else I did before... as long as it doesn't hurt.

Soon, I shall be back to normal, except for the weird feeling about how it moves differently than it used to and that little step in the shoulder. But I'm getting used to it. So: VICTORY!

Did I mention woohoo!
Tags: accident

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