Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Whatta weekend!

Spent Saturday cutting out stumps, leveling an 8x8-foot piece of ground in the back yard, constructing a foundation, and then building a shed with madmatmax. Afterwards, I quickly cleaned up and donned the most-relevant costume I could imagine: Handyman! Pretty much wore the gear I'd been wearing all day ;-)

Click the image to Mac & Mel's Flickr page. Mel sez, "Every mad scientist needs someone to build the secret lab."

Just about then, dozens of people started showing up for our Halloween Dance Party (on Friday, we moved a bunch of furniture to make most of the downstairs living area into a dance floor). Thanks to all who came over and shared your awesomeness, and thanks to clevermanka for throwing such a great party! It was great to see everyone. Oh, and for the first time in the six years I've lived in this house, a pair of little monsters came to the door looking for candy. As you can imagine, I hadn't planned for this eventuality, but thankfully I still had most of a bag of taffy. They got big ol' handfuls! I say we petition to get kids trick-or-treating again. I miss all the precious little costumes.

Spent today getting a U-Haul truck for picking up a huge SF book & model & comic collection donated to the Center for the Study of Science Fiction and AboutSF. Many thanks to Nate (a.k.a. about_sf) for going over to Kansas City with me to load the collection... which turned out to be about five times as many as the donor had estimated (total is something like 500 boxes). We filled the hell out of that U-Haul truck and Nate's car, then called on Matt once again to help unload the books into the Center's now-seriously crammed space and the comics into temporary storage. You guys ROCK. The sorting and cataloging begins this week. We still need to return to fetch another 80 or so boxes of models and collectibles :-O

And just minutes ago when I turned on teh intarwebs, I discovered that Kij Johnson has won the World Fantasy Award for 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss (click to read this wonderful story online). Congratulations, Kij!

Now I'm wiped out. Later!

Tags: cssf, life

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