Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

An embarrassing day to be American.

Today, the results are in: Yesterday, the majority of voters in 31 states rejected same-sex marriage via referendums. Only five states recognize same-sex marriage, four of which are in New England and the other is good ol' Iowa.

Anti-marriage-rights people used lies and fear to win: Gayness will be taught in elementary schools! Homos will break up het marriages! Our nation will burn in Hell if we allow gays to commit to one another! Children will be turned gay if their gay parents can get married! And you will burn in Hell if God sees you voting for The Homo Agenda!

In Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa, and many states in the USA before the Supreme Court's 1967 decision (Loving v. Virginia), inter-racial marriage was illegal. These nations learned better about human rights... or seemed to. So yesterday, 31 states joined many modern Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, and the Palestinian Authority, where women can be murdered by family members in "honor killings" for the crime of engaging in a relationship with a man of another tribe.

Are we really so tribal and primitive that we legitimize state-sponsored discrimination because we don't like how someone loves another person? I still don't understand why the anti-marriage loons are so anti-gay. If someone wants to publicly commit to another person, why would someone who professes belief in Jesus (not anti-gay) (or Muhammed, "prophet of peace") try to stop them?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote, "It's time for change, people. Based on campaigns that fired us all up last fall... I'd say that the climate is right for this necessary change."

I guess I was wrong. Seems we'll have to do this the Constitutional way. If the (granted, slim) majority of Americans in 31 states are anti-marriage for gays, we'll have to appeal to the founding laws of the land, which protect minorities from persecution and guarantee separation of church and state. Let's be honest: The only real argument that the anti-marriage types have is that gay marriage is "against God" (the Old-Testament God, anyway, because Jesus was not anti-gay), and the only reason the right to marry was defeated in all those states was that gays are a minority, like blacks in 1967 and minority tribes in the Middle East today. Therefore it's okay to tromp on their rights as Americans.

How can so many legalize discrimination in this "land of the free"? I'm ashamed to be lumped in the same group with those who voted against love and commitment.

Tags: decline of civilization, politics

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