Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

blog as MFA thesis

I'm on the thesis committee for a former student of mine, Jen, who is writing a blog for her MFA thesis. I think it's a wonderful idea, especially because the University bureaucracy is having fits trying to understand how to deal with this format. But I also love this because the internet is really where the personal essay thrives today, and to ignore the web as a delivery mechanism is to look backwards. And as metaphor for the transience of things - a major theme on the farm - a blog is the perfect form for her project.

Jen's blog is called Up From the Ground, which she explains "is where I explore life as a wannabe Kansas farmer (vegetables, livestock, and home canning included). Competing with this much romanticized return-to-the-land agrarian life is my interest in technology and especially its affect on communication. The two are far from mutually exclusive."

There's some lovely writing about the hardships and joys of farm life in Kansas... and discovering how to succeed (or survive) without a background in farming. So go check it out and support her efforts!

Tags: teaching

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