Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

New favorite website

There you sit: It's not quite midnight. Not tired enough to go to sleep. You spent 12 hours today working on class websites, syllabi, job descriptions, and so forth. The computer monitor glows warm before you, beckoning you to explore the interwebs just a little bit further. Say, what's this...?

You stumble upon a site filled with wondrous images and stories of a world gone mad. You start to snicker, then to laugh out loud. You are reminded that the absurd joy of a Dadaistic landscape surrounds us. Life is good. Now you can go to bed.

I've found my new favorite late-night website: Oddly Specific. For example:

Click the image to see more treasures such as this. Be sure to catch up on Stickman's Saga.


Lots more where this came from.

Tags: funny, random cool stuff

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