Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Winter in Kansas.

At the moment, snow is piling down from the skies. Because it's relatively warm (37°F), the roads are staying mostly clear and the flakes are huge and sticky. Check out my front yard:

Ah, the joys of scooting in the winter: Watery eyes, stiff muscles, frostbite.... As much as I enjoy some aspects of winter (like those gorgeous trees), I can do without others (frostbite being one). So a few weeks ago I ordered a windshield for my new Vespa (which I bought a few months ago replace the smashed Aprilia RS50; note the two-stroke Aprilia's charming "leavings" beneath the new scoot).

Well, I installed the new windshield a few days ago. Here's my new winter-riding gear: Tall windshield to protect against icy winds and sleet (even protects the hands), thick rain-and-wind-resistant gloves, awesome carbon-fiber full-face helmet.

Also note the other winter-related stuff that shares space on my front porch: snow shovel (quickly wearing out from all the shoveling this year), container of sidewalk salts behid the shovel, and all-weather scooter cover.

Stay safe out there - especially if you live in Snowpocalpse-2010 Land (i.e., out East). Of course, you locals drive safe, too: No one knows how to drive in this stuff 'round these parts.

Tags: vehicles, weather-porn

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