Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Animation fun; also: Human values are determined by intelligence.

Okay, if you haven't seen it, this animation is wonderful and clever: Behold, "Animator vs. Animation":

Click the image to see the first "Animator vs. Animation" flash animation by Alan Becker.

The artist, Alan Becker, made a sequel where Stick Man gains super-powers:

Click the image to see "Animator vs. Animation II," by Alan Becker.

In related news, Liberals, atheists, and sexually fidelitous males have higher IQ than conservatives, religionists, and male cheaters (CNN News). Let's frame that in a less-inflammatory way: Human values are determined by intelligence (ABC News). Not that one needs to comment much about this, because it's rather apparent when listening to wingnut conservatives scream against science or contradict themselves day after day. Still, it's nice to see some evidence that explains why so many people, say, believed Bush's lies and allowed the Republican party to trash the nation. It explains the existence of the Teabaggers and Sarah Palin supporters. And it explains why they still let politicians and right-wing talking-heads control them using using fears, and why they stop listening to rational arguments because facts are hard.

Tags: politics, random cool stuff

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