Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Time: The final arbiter.

Whew - just turned in the last editorial piece for the World Literature Today special science-fiction issue (May 2010). That was way more work than I'd expected, as they ended up asking me to write several little pieces. And it'll continue to be more work until we finish the companion website.

Click the image to visit the SF Studies site.

Next up: Proof the final magazine copy. Wait... first I need to finish an article on KU's SF collection for Science Fiction Studies. Catch up on grading? Hm, that'll have to wait until Monday. Remind me why I agreed to these projects on top of finishing the novel edits, serving on the Campbell Award jury (12 books left to read), and teaching seven classes plus serving on a thesis committee? Can't just be because I'm crazy. Oh, and at some point I want to finish building the Hot Rod Newport (so close!) and replace the Saab's blown head gasket.

Time-Stop Power, wherefore art thou?

Tags: life, work, writing

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