Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

HTML editor recommendations?

Hi folks -

My job, my CSSF activities, and my life require me to do a lot of HTML. Since getting my new computer and installing Office, I discovered that Microsoft no longer makes FrontPage. Yes, I know it sucked as a WYSYWIG HTML editor, but I learned how to work with it in ways that it couldn't hurt me. Features I liked best:

. Click the Preview and it takes you to the right spot in your code.
. Type text in the Preview and it shows up in the code.
. Open a bunch of files (say, an entire website) simultaneously, make one change and apply it to all of them, then save all at once.

I work mostly in the code section, so I don't encounter the typical coding errors FrontPage injects.

Today I needed to make a bunch of HTML changes to some files, and searched the internets high and low for a program that would serve my needs. The closest thing I found was good ol' HTML-Kit, but that doesn't do most of what I need. If I only want to work in code, I prefer Notepad++; I can open my own browser to see the result. I tried a few others and ended up uninstalling them right away.

Any recommendations of programs that have those features? I'd prefer free, but don't mind paying a little. Free is best because I can have it installed on the classroom computers, where students can use it and download something they know how to use at home.

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