Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Venus transit June 8 at sunrise: viewing party at KU?

It looks like we get a few minutes of Venus transit here, basically watching the disk of Venus slide off the sun's disk. Here's the info:

Begins to move off sun's disk 11:05 UT (that's 4:05am locally, folks)
Transit ends 11:25 UT (4:25am)

Hmmm... on the 8th, the sun rises 'round these parts at 10:54 UT (wow, just a half hour before the show is over). Gosh, might be easier for me to stay up rather than wake up, considering my usual schedule. Where's the highest place to set up a scope around here? Probably on the hill at KU (no parking problems at 4am). I have a solar filter so we won't burn out our eyeballs. If the sky is clear, I'll plan to set up the 'scope a little before 4am, unless'n we have some kind of astronomical all-night bash.

Who's interested? Sorry, everyone west of Kansas -- you don't get to see it at all until 2012, then in another 100 years or so.

Tags: astronomy

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