Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

writing update

Egads, but spring semester was a killer. Never again shall I kill myself quite that thoroughly (I won't think too much about it again; detailed here a few weeks ago), nor will I neglect my fiction for so long again. Yes, I published a bunch of essays and other nonfiction pieces and did a lot of editing this year, but writing my own fiction is what really fires me up the most.

So! What's Chris been up to, writing-wise, since the semester wrapped up? Theoretically, I'm unemployed until mid-July (so sayeth the University of Kansas and their budget-cutters, despite doing a seminar on teaching technical writing and performing countless teaching-related tasks for the upcoming CSSF summer program), so I should be working on my own stuff, right?

Well, I have been! Today, I accidentally came up with a new... novella? novel? we'll see - and wrote a 1500-word scene. Should be fun: far-future frontier adventure with lots of world-blasting banned tech and such. For the past couple of weeks, I've been wrapping up the final edits of my novel, Transcendence, which is due out in a few months from Hadley Rille Books (more-specific details coming soon). Gee whiz, revising a long, complex novel is a lot of work. Tomorrow evening, I meet with my editor and cover designer at Aimee's Coffee Shop, where we'll brainstorm cover ideas. Last week, I also worked out the story and major characters for a new YA-SF book I hope to start writing soon.

It's exhilarating to have time to work on my own dang stuff again!

How are you doing?


PS: WOW, but is it ever thunder-booming and pouring rain outside right now....
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