Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Astro-Porn of the Day: Partial Lunar Eclipse Saturday Morning

I almost forgot to tell you! Tonight (well, very late Friday night or very early Saturday morning, depending on your pov), the Earth will line up with the Sun such that the shadow of our planet will block some of the sunlight, casting Earth's shadown across the face of the Moon. Cool beans.

Click the image to see the story.

Earth's outer shadow, the penumbra, will begin to cross the Moon at 1:57am Pacific, 3:57am Central time (xjenavivex warns that East Coasters might not be able to see it). Earth's darker, inner shadow (the umbra) will begin to blot out the Moon beginning at 3:17am Pacific (add hours as appropriate). At maximum (4:38am Pacific), more than half of the full Moon will lie in shadow. The eclipse ends as morning light begins to blue the sky.

EDIT: Sorry about the time mix-up. Fixed!

Tags: astronomy

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