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Eaton Conference CFP extended

From Rob Latham:

The extended deadline for submission of paper proposals for the 2011 Eaton SF Conference is July 6 (next Tuesday). Please spread the word that the call is still open. Information about the event, including a Call for Papers, can be found here (and a poster is here).

We are interested in proposals on any aspect of the topic "Global Science Fiction" or on the work of our author guests, Nalo Hopkinson, China Mieville, and Karen Tei Yamashita. Submissions should be sent to Melissa Conway at <melissa.conway@ucr.edu>.

Also, the third annual Science Fiction Studies Symposium will be held on the Thursday (February 10) preceding the conference, from 2-5 PM, on the topic of "The Singularity in SF Literature and Criticism." The speakers will be Neil Easterbook, Brooks Landon, and myself.

We are also pleased to be able to announce the Eaton Lifetime Achievement Award Winners for 2010 and 2011 (following Ray Bradbury in 2008 and Frederik Pohl in 2009). The winner for 2010 is Samuel R. Delany, while the 2011 winner is Harlan Ellison, who will be present to receive his award.

Thanks to those who have already submitted paper proposals. - Rob Latham