Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Workshops over; new book started.

That was an intense month, folks. It feels as if the first arrivals for the summer program (Jean, who's spent his summers in Kansas for at least seven years, and Kij, who's been part of the summer program since she won the Sturgeon in 1995) just arrived... but that was at the end of June. Then two weeks of SF Workshops (novel in one room, short fiction in the other, with two attendees doing both this year). Then the Campbell Conference, overlapping the last few days of the Workshops. Oh, and the special pre-release, Campbell-Conference-only editions of my book sold out in about 20 minutes! Then one week of Repeat Offenders novel workshop overlapping the first week of the Intensive Institute on the Teaching of Science Fiction, which just wrapped up Friday night. (Read all about these events here.)

During that time, I wrote an essay for Libraries Unlimited that (I just realized!) is already online.

I also started work in earnest on my next novel - I'm rarin' to start the writing, but it still needs some more plotting and such. When keeping track of the story and characters and events becomes more work than just writing, I'll know it's time to begin. Hope to have the first few chapters done before school starts on the 18th, then off to an agent who works with YA.

In other writing news: My first novel, TRANSCENDENCE, comes out in hardcover late October (or early November), and I need to start planning promo and book-tour stuff. I'll be looking for ideas, so tomorrow: A survey!

All right, back to plotting....

Tags: cssf, life, science fiction, writing

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