Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Sid, Dog of Peace. And my other dogs.

siro_gravity asked about me and dogs - don't I just have cats and hamsters? Yes, I've had dogs!

My first dog was Senja, a Norwegian Elkhound. She became "my" dog when I was eight, and soon was a blue-ribbon winner at dog shows. I mean, how many young dogs obey an 8-year-old boy at a public show? She lived for another five years; I'll save the story of her end for another time.

A couple of decades passed before I was ready for another dog. Kij and I got Sid from the Seattle Humane Society, where we had left a request that they contact us if they got a small, calm dog suitable for a tiny apartment. When they let us know they had a German Shepherd Dog that was "perfect for us," we were so sure they were wrong that we rode my motorcycle over to meet him. We went into the back room where all the dogs were kept and were met with a deafening cacophany of barks. This old German Shepherd sat quietly as the Humane Society worker opened the gate to his stall, then stood while the worker attached a leash and handed it to me. We walked Sid out into the exercise grounds, and he was so obedient and noble and calm - even in the face of wild dogs jumping all over - that we knew the shelter had been right. I rode home and got the car to bring him home. It soon became clear that he had been abused and had back injuries; he was very sad and quiet for a while. Then, suddenly, he became a goofball about three months in when he realized that we were his new pack. Sid lived with us for three years. RIP beloved Sid.

My third dog was Hope. Hope was a rescue dog from the Lawrence, KS, Humane Society. They'd named her "Hope" because they hoped someone would adopt an old, anxious Collie-dog. We were softies, and the name worked out. She moved to Seattle with Kij in 2005, where she lived another couple of years. RIP sweet Hope.

So: Yes, I have had dogs in addition to various other pets, including my One True Cat (The Great Helen of Peerless, Whose Face Could Launch a Thousand Combines; RIP Helen), my other two beloved kitties (Tatsuko and Sanju), and a number of mouses and hammies, including my One True Hamster (alternately Hammie-Boy and Hefner, who just passed away this spring).

Okay, I'm off to fix my overheating Saab and fetch my repaired Vespa.

Tags: life, pets

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