Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

jeans test: win!

Getting ready to head out to the all-day English Department "retreat," where we'll do strategic planning for the coming year(s). I figured I shouldn't wear shorts to such an event.

It's been boiling hot (or in Silvergoth's - a Seattle friend - words, "hellish") here in Kansas since June, so I haven't had the opportunity to wear proper pants for a few months (except for dressy pants during the Campbell Conference). Thus this was my first opportunity to pull on a pair of pants since spring semester.

Remember how I've been working out kinda seriously since spring? It began with an effort to strengthen my shoulder post-accident and has continued with renewed vigor because I like the results overall. The newest result: My jeans, once tight, now need a belt to keep from falling off.

Woohoo! I'll post another photo and proper health-post when I have some more time.

Now off I go on my pretty Vespa, half an hour into the wilds of North Lawrence.

Tags: health, work

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